Current Prayer Requests: Please Join Us and Pray For Those In Need
Prayer_Request = I have met someone i believe i could be truly happy with and he would be great for my children who
recently lost their father.  He has issues from the past and is unable to move on. We have been out a couple of times and had
lovely chats but he has not made any effort since.  I have been praying non stop for months that we will have the opportunity
to talk further and get to know each other better.  I ask God that He will break the strongholds in Andy's life and that he will
make a move towards me.  I ask that Andy will be able to see that as a Christian i will encourage, support and nurture him and
help him. Thanks for praying for me.  Tracey

Prayer_Request = My little sister Elizabeth M had complications during surgery and now has brain damage. Please pray that
she recovers. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Prayer_Request = My adult son, Joe has been sober for 2 years. In the last few weeks he has started to use marijuana (his
drug of choice).  This drug make him go into a manic bipolar state and then eventually break the law and steal.  He has been
going through cycles of sobriety and then using for several years.  He as been in jail many times for stealing and is on
probation now. Please agree in prayer that the Lord will bring Joe to the knowledge of needing the Lord.  That he will reach
out to the Lord in spiritual rebirth...that all strongholds are broken down...all spiritual blinders are broken down and that the
Lord reveals himself to Joe.

Prayer_Request = Please pray for Jessica who is desperately ill.  Please pray that she can have the strength and courage to
face all that she must bear.

Prayer_Request = Gods Love and encouragement. I have a few special trips on the horizon.  That I receive the greater
blessing and Adonias guidance. My finances and I hope to move soon.  Thanks,  Happy Blessing to You All.
Thanks Faith & God

Prayer_Request = I live in Etobicoke, Canada, I often wear my crucifix wherever I go, but my appearance is of middle
eastern I have long been harassed and threatened for this.  Like at a nearby Walmart Supercentre near a mall called Sherway
Gardens.  Much of employees are indian or pakistani immigrants, and i've been harassed by quite a few for my crucifix, Islam
considers myself an "apostate" worthy of death, because I appear middle eastern but wear a cross and AM
Christian ONLY.  Many motorcycle bikers also attend this store, many having satanic tattoos, many of whom do also harass
and threaten me.  Which is no surprise, as satan is the historical enemy of the God.  I pray for strength to continue in my
faith.  In Jesus I make this request, our true and dear messiah..

Prayer_Request = Please pray for me name Bonnie for happiness for my life and peace and love for my life prayers for
Michael Anthony G  prayers for Me Godly soul mate man for my life prayers for God to show me were to move and lead me
and help me were I live is so bad its gotten worse can live like this Landlord seems not to care only for his money prayers for
my fears to set me free I want to drive again and travel again without fears and aniexty and prayers for My friend libby having
headaches to go away prayers for my grown kids for salvation Derek and his wife Missy and kids and Joshua and Kris and
daughter Maria her friend Harold and prayers for them to respect each other and love each other prayers for them to give me
respect and love Prayers for Me name Bonnie I go threw so much sometimes I get down and very sad I want to share my life
with Godly man prayers God  will bring Godly man in my life prayers for me to move I have to move cant put with what is
going on ... I! need pray Thank you so much
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